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  • 1. Are you a Real Witch?
    I’m a witch, and I’m real – so yes!
  • 2. What Type of Witch are you?
    I am a solitary traditional eclectic energy witch. That’s a mouthful! Let me break it down. Solitary – I work alone. Traditional – I work with herbs and oils, I make potions, I do energy work and healing, I attend births – I do the things that people, usually women, were traditionally accused of being witches for doing. Eclectic – my path is based on scholarship, not being a particular type of witch. I study all types of magick, and if I come across something that resonates with me I use it. I don’t pigeonhole myself into being a certain type of witch, Energy – I have studied tai chi for over 25 years. I am a certified reflexologist, acupressure therapist, and reiki master teacher. I absolutely love working with energy and energy therapies. So, there you have it – Solitary traditional eclectic energy witch.
  • 3. Are you Wiccan? Pagan?
    I am not Wiccan or pagan. Witchcraft is not my religion. There are many different types of witches. Each one follows their own path.
  • 4. Can you do Hexes and Black Magic?
    Can I do them? Yes. Do I do them? No. I do not see magick as good or bad, it’s all just magick. I personally work with positive intention. If someone breaks your heart, runs off with your lover, does something horrible to you, my focus in on healing your heart, improving your life, bringing you new opportunities -not on punishing the wrongdoer. There are plenty of witches who do hex work if that’s what you’re looking for. No judgement, it’s just not something that I personally do.
  • 5. Are your Spells and Magick Products Guaranteed to Work?
    In a word, no. What?!?!?! I wholeheartedly believe in the power of magick and have seen and experienced its healing power and life-changing ability. However, I am NOT a charlatan looking to defraud you of your money with snake oil and false promises. Sometimes when we ask the universe for something the answer is a resounding NO! Also, I am never going to suggest that you spend more and more money to remove negative energy, or bad spirits or any of the many scams I have seen. If you feel drawn to any of my products or services, then they will most likely work for you. Trust your intuition.
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